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Kuranda was born in 1971 of a love of acting and above all for those who make it their life’s work, the actors themselves. This love was instilled in our founder Katrina Bayonas in her childhood by her parents who were also actors. They made her aware of the challenges artists face and the courage it takes to follow acting as a profession. Kuranda was created as a place to honour and support actors through the obstacles they inevitably face on the road to success.

We at Kuranda stand in the belief that an actor´s art is not to be compromised by commercial interest.

Passion, commitment and devotion to constant investigation and study are requirements of our clients.  Kuranda’s staff dedicate their lives to providing these exceptionally talented men and women with the services necessary to reach their goals.  Our client’s job is to be the best actor he can be. Ours is to make sure he receives the opportunity to grow artistically and professionally, as we remove the distractions from his path.  Kuranda actors act, we do everything else. This is our mission and privilege.